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This is the edge of science, the edge where research meets real life and where solid cliffs of data meet oceans of unanswered questions. This is a place where you can examine and talk about some of the newest ideas in science.

New Scientist magazine's Planet Science website chose Transaction Net as its Site of the Day for September 4th, 1996.

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And so the net is the basic thing we have for getting hold of the wiggly world. So if you want to get hold of this wiggle, you've got to put a net over it. A net is something regular. And I can number the holes in a net. So many holes up, so many holes across. And if I can number these holes, I can count exactly where each wiggle is, in terms of a hole in that net. And that's the beginning of calculus, the art of measuring the world. But in order to do that, I've got to break up the wiggle into bits. I've got to call this a specific bit, and this the next bit of the wiggle, and this the next bit, and this the next bit of the wiggle. And so these bits are things or events. Bits of wiggles. Which I mark out in order to talk about the wiggle. In order to measure and therefore in order to control it. But in nature, in fact, in the physical world, the wiggle isn't bitted.

Alan Watts

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Rupert Sheldrake's Seven Experiments That Could Change the World
William H. Calvin's Science Surf journalthe Field Museum
JavaScript-enhanced Periodic Table of the Elements
Nature CellScienceScientific American
American Geophysical Union promotes

Science for Everyone

The Lyceum site features searchable databases for 21 scientific fields
Earth Interactions American Meteorological Society
New Scientist magazine's Planet Science
(free and confidential registration required).
Test your knowledge of science by explaining strange phenomena based on their description.
David Joyce's ongoing project to model Euclid's Elements in Java is outstanding.
CELLS ALIVE! Guess the Macromolecule game
dForm builds cool structures in VRML, including models of a Bacteriophage T-4 infecting a host, as well as models of the five Platonic Solids from Euclid's Elements chapter 13.
Science for the MilleniumCityfarmer's Urban Gardening page
the Compost page
the Armchair Scientist page, a collaborative online science magazine
Thesis magazinethe Museum of Science and IndustryThe tree of life pageAcoustic illusions
the Mad Scientist Network describes itself as "a collective crania of scientists from around the world fielding questions in different areas of science."
Physics All Over the World the Chemistry Hypermedia Projectthe Biotechnology Information Centerthe Genome Net WWW server
the Why? Files: Science behind the news

Dr. Bob's Fascinating Science page

Sam's Science Center

the Wonders of Physics

The Electronic Desktop Project applies interactive technologies to science education
the Bad Science page

The Skeptics Society

the Skeptical pages

the Complex Systems Virtual Library

the Chaos Home Page

the Analytical Chemistry Springboard

TIPToP: The Internet Pilot To Physics

The Biotech Home Page

an alphabetical listing of several online science journalsBioscience resources online Science and Justice is published by the Forensic Science Society scientific publications on the Internet
Institute for Theoretical Atomic and Molecular PhysicsAstrophysics in Cyberspace
NetBiochem Physics and Space Technologythe Council for Responsible Genetics

Human Genome Project Information and home page

(U.S.) National Centers for Genome Resources and Biotechnology Information

Life on the Net (presented by pharmaceutical companies)

Global Agricultural Biotechnology Association (nonprofit)

WebElements: the Periodic Table goes interactive

Tom's Chem Quiz

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