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"Art's Cold Welcome on the Web" - Paulina opines for the _NY Times_ (February 23, 2001)

_Voicebox_ features Paulina on those bad-boy Libertarians (February 11, 2001)

Paulina on "High-Tech Scrooges", "financial anorexia", and cats with dead rats (CIO Magazine, February 1, 2001)

An archive of Paulina's appearance at The First Internet Industry Roast in Spring of 2000

The article that started it all, revisited: "Cyberselfish Redux" in _Mother Jones_ (November 28, 2000)

"Les Dernières Fleurs de San Francisco": the French, ever tasteful, have become fans of Paulina (Le Monde Interactif, 22 Novembre, 2000)

Paulina and Food, part 2: "Not home for the holidays: Coming of age in the kitchen of a Canadian commune" (Salon, November 21, 2000)

Paulina cited in the Boston _Globe_ on the retro sexual politics of startups and venture capital (November 6, 2000)

A single-word citation of Paulina (guess which word) in an article on Bush, Gore, and High Tech (Alternet, October 24, 2000)

"Deflating a Dot-Com Stereotype" - in which Paulina once again serves as The Dot-Com Backlash Girl (Digital Mass, October 19, 2000)

"Downsizing": Paulina quoted in an article on nanotechnology - !?! (Washington Monthly, October 2000)

"Geek Tour": Paulina on the hotspots of Silicon Valley (NPR Savvy Traveler, October 25, 2000)

True confessions from Paulina's kitchen: "Revenge of the chocolate zucchini bread" (Salon, October 12, 2000)

Ayn Rand aficionados are keeping tabs on Paulina

An obligatory mention of Paulina in an LA Times article on the San Francisco Dot-Com Backlash (October 3, 2000)

Paulina cited by the _Washington Post_ on baby steps toward cyberphilanthropy (October 1, 2000)

"On Guard": Canada finally catches wind of the Cyberselfish coinage (September 2000)

Marin's Book Passage picked Paulina (September/October 2000)

_Adult Video News_ quotes Paulina on online demographics (September, 2000)

_Cyberselfish_ makes Amazon's Cyberculture Bestsellers list (September 12, 2000)

"Why high-tech culture doesn't give a damn", according to Paulina (MSNBC, September 8, 2000)

How Paulina's "Steal This Article" (February 1996) foretold the Napster controversy (Upside, July 31, 2000)

Paulina on Internet-age community as a " narrow-cast bunch of suckers you can market to", (LA Weekly, June 2-8, 2000)

The _Washington Post_ profiles Paulina's agent, and mentions Paulina (August 13, 2000)

_Cyberselfish_ made it to the independent American Booksellers' Association BookSense Bestsellers list! (August 6, 2000)

Paulina's _Cyberselfish_ makes the top ten in the SF Chronicle Bestsellers List (August 6, 2000)

A little quote from Paulina in "How Green Was My Valley?" lamenting the Siliconization of Santa Clara County (_WIRED_, July 29, 2000)

"The New Emperor's Clothes": a look at Paul Allen and the Experience Music Project, with a mention of Paulina's 1994 profile, "the Accidental Zillionaire" (_IntellectualCapital.com_, July 27, 2000)

Look out, Redmond - _Cyberselfish_ made the Top Ten Bestseller List in Seattle (The _Stranger_, July 13, 2000)

Paulina reveals The Truth Behind the Gray Flannel Suit" (NPR's "Marketplace", July 10, 2000)

An ongoing Well flame-for-all on Paulina's book (July 2000)

Cathedral of the Bizarre: Paulina vs. Eric Raymond (_Salon_, June 30, 2000)

F___ed Companies & Dot-Com Failures: Paulina's diagnosis (SF Chronicle, June 23, 2000)

Paulina spotted at the craigslist party (SFBG, June 14, 2000)

Find the tiny mention of Paulina in "Women's Magazines are Dead" (_Salon_, May 6, 2000)

"Generation Hex": "cybercrank" Paulina cited in _Suck_ (May 1, 2000)

_USA Today_ quotes Paulina on the elite high-tech Gold Rush of the 90s (April 20, 2000)

Paulina remarks on the dawning of philanthropy in Silicon valley (_Upside_, April 20, 2000)

Altavista names Paulina #13 in its "Power 20" list of Women in Technology (April 20, 2000)

"Focus on Community": Paulina on PRI's Beyond Computers (April 19, 2000)

Paulina captured LIVE at CFP2000 (April 4-7, 2000)

Bruce Koball calls Paulina "a fearless bomb-thrower in USA Today's Computers, Freedom, and Privacy conference preview (April 4, 2000)

Paulina remarks on Silicon Valley's "Culture of Flip and Flee" for KQED television (March 31, 2000)

"'Virtuality' is bosh", says Paulina (February 27, 2000)

Read Dutch? Paulina's quoted on computer beveiliging (February 2000)

Paulina launches! (February 7, 2000)

Paulina comments on the Bay Area's "Aboriginals and Colonizers" for KQED television (February 18, 2000)

"Monsters of Spigotry" Paulina on Public Radio International's Beyond Computers (February 6, 2000)

Paulina's classic "Virtual Romance" is back online.

Coming soon: a new graphic-enhanced, annotated print version of Paulina's classic "Love Over The Wires"

"if/then/else/repeat": Paulina does "sex in silicon valley" in Salon (January 12, 2000)

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paulina 'At What Cost Transhumanity?'

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