Integrating the latest additions to the Transaction Net site

trademark search page
How much intellectual property material do we expect to add to the site? Will this be the only IP page?

quotes page
How will these quotes figure into a general p.r. strategy??

list of customer service links
Just links with no specific context added yet. Could be developed into a substantial page. Perhaps we could eventually have pages for each of the business models we compare?

tickets proposal
fairly self-contained page.

business models comparison and directory
The comparison table is about as full as it can get. Do we need/want separate pages to expand on each model? The directory is organized into sections and has a solid list of links, but isn't particularly interesting to look at.

a few new ultimate resource pages not yet integrated into the menu.
Suggested method: brainstorm a list of all possible ult categories, cluster them into categories, choose a name for each cluster, and select a set of categories for the new menu. if there's a category for which we don't yet have URLs, create a temporary redirect page for that category??