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Most business-minded websurfers discover pretty quickly that one of the main obstacles to doing business online is the issue of financial transaction security. The current limitations of commerce affect consumers, businesses, banks, credit card companies, and the governments of many countries. While this core issue has spurred a wealth of research to resolve the problem, it has not prevented businesses from establishing a strong presence on the net. While internet users wait for programmers to develop secure methods of exchanging money online, businesses are developing sites that will attract consumers, who are spending more and more time online. Check out A Survey of Online Business.
Even if traditional methods of exchanging money are preferred, businesses are moving fast to secure online name recognition for themselves while they wait for the day when they will be able to take or place orders and immediately confirm payment for goods seamlessly and securely over the internet. When that day arrives, each hit to a site becomes a potential sale and a large segment of the internet is changed forever into an online marketplace where commerce is conducted electronically.

As the transition to this new form of commerce gets underway, many issues must be addressed in order to create a system that will be secure and stable. Technology is key, but not the only part of the picture. Internet-conducted commerce must also address social, political and economic realities that are brought to this new culture by a global cyber community.. Naturally, there are a variety of opinions on this topic and in the links provided below, I've tried to cover the spectrum that I found available.

The security of online transactions is not absolute; there are legitimate threats and then there are media-driven fears of the unknown, drawn from concerns of consumers, businesses, and political interests. While all perspectives have validity, each must be examined within its particular context to understand its contribution to the overall issue.

Background on E-Money

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