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One free election for any nonprofit organization!

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Imagine a perfect election--an enthusiastic voting public; conveniently located polls; clear, accurate, and immediate results; and full participation.

What will bring this vision to life? Better information. What's the web good for? Access to better information. The better access to information provided by the web will make voting more efficient, and we'll create better policies.

We at Transaction Net are helping to fulfill the many promises of open information networks--including richer and more frequent dialogue between citizens and the leaders they choose.

Stay tuned for news of the exciting software server product which we're about to launch, which will enable you to run secure elections with any combination of candidates or proposals--from a simple yes/no question to more elaborate "rank these candidates in order of preference" or "pick 3 from column A and 5 from column B" questions--from your own desktop.

Meanwhile, until the software is ready for organizations to run on their own server, we're testing it by running elections for others here on the Transaction Net server. Prices start at $100 for a secure, anonymous election. For example, we're handling the September '97 online election of the new Electric Minds Community Representatives. If you'd like to hold your own election online, ask us how we can help.

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