Tests Online's
Interactive Testing System<TM>

Throw Out Your Number 2 Pencils!
Paperwork Folds in the Face of New Tools for Schools

Advances in information technology may soon completely transform education, research, and business management. New Internet-based tools are being developed to relieve professionals from the burden of clerical tasks, so they're free to spend time pursuing more rewarding activities--keeping up-to-date on new developments in their fields, planning lessons and lectures, and setting performance goals.

For example, the Tests Online Corporation has just released its Interactive Testing System<TM>, which allows for the secure development and production of interactive multimedia tests and surveys over the Internet. For instance, this software lets you integrate web resources--sound, video, graphics, animations--into your tests and surveys, helps you administer them securely over the Internet, and calculates results statistics automatically.

Test developers may choose random, adaptive, or numerical sequences for their questions and test sections, so that no two respondents taking the same test view exactly the same series of browser screens. Respondents, upon finishing all the questions, may immediately view customized results statistics and feedback screens--for example, a web page with a sound clip describing how to prepare for the next test or assignment, or perhaps hypertext links to some instructional materials on the web. ITS administrators can maintain any number of test developer accounts, so that an entire institution's tests and results are logged in a single easily accessible database.

To order the Interactive Testing System<TM>, call (800) 800-3880 (ask about unlimited use licenses for universities and research institutes, or group discounts for systems with ten or more developer accounts). For more information,