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Every week (for over 3 years!), this column serves up a list of cool updated events to tantalize the pickiest palates of San Francisco. We're working to keep The Ultimate Resource for San Francisco a fine link to pages about the San Francisco Bay area.

San FranZiskGo! also circulates on the email and Java calendar versions of Craig's List, and is broadcast on the cal channel of this Marimba transmitter.


(All events in San Francisco unless otherwise noted).

Last Updated: December 12, 1997.

Welcome to The San FranZiskGo! Virtual Treasure Hunt!

jfw@well.com and chrisc@cnet.com were the first to send us a correct answer to our last question: Amoeba Records replaced the bowling alley on Haight Street.

Win two tickets to an upcoming West Coast Live show by sending the first correct* answer to the following question:


Which performer mentioned in this week's listings has been joined onstage by famed local pooch Atomic Dawg?

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Tune in next week to see who won, what the correct answer is, and what next week's question will be!


Here's the fine print: All answers must be submitted electronically and must include a valid email address--how else are we going to tell you that you won? Don't worry, we won't sell your address or spam you. The judges' decisions, though not infallible, are final. In the event no correct answers are received, tickets will be awarded to the first contestant to submit an almost-acceptable answer. In the event that the winning contestant fails to claim tickets within 48 hours of email notification, tickets will be offered to the runner-up.