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DataGrade LLC was formed in 1997 by a few bright people (a handful of net veterans, business whizzes, tech experts, and superb artists and writers) all aiming to build a solid business around something powerful, versatile, and elegant: online infrastructure to help businesses and universities efficiently and remotely manage their growing seas of information. Drawing on the talents, leadership, and experience of these folks, as well as its strong relationships with its partners, DataGrade LLC is well-equipped to meet the challenges of this rapidly developing industry.

Rather than imposing a proprietary model that would bind users to a particular platform, the team decided to build the DataGrade Evaluation Toolkit infoengine (and its 3 satellite products) on an established, flexible, crossplatform standard, so they run without a hitch on all major web server platforms and permit access from any web browser. DataGrade's tools are designed to accommodate any kind of web document the user invents, from lean-and-simple HTML to the most elaborate multimedia embellishments.

Ancillary products derived from the DataGrade Evaluation Toolkit infoengine include software to manage online educational testing and certification, contest administration, and anonymous voting. Also in development are tools for both online survey administration and online admissions and ticketing, as well as a complete University Management System, which will incorporate the functions of all the other tools.

For the time being, we intend to sell use of these products on our server: one year, with up to 100,000 tests, for $1000. At this price (as low as one cent per test), we offer a better value than any other available package; and compared to the cost of hiring programmers or purchasing single-use solutions, $1000/year is a steal.

Depending on how, and in which directions, the industry grows, we may later offer other services--e.g. creation of online courses or schools; support for kiosks and other standalone installations; and/or management of testing centers--or sell the software itself.

For more information on DataGrade LLC's products and services, mail zisk@well.com.