Transaction Net

Building Community Capital

However different our enterprises may seem, we share your interest in providing open space where free exchanges can flourish. That open space, real or virtual, is the greenhouse where the free market rainforest sprouts to life.

Where we work, on the web, 'information-space' is unlimited, so infinite exchanges have become possible. We believe that more (and more satisfying) exchanges will thrive when nourished by the freely-circulating information available today: Time and valuables that might otherwise go to waste can be exchanged more readily because distance and scheduling will no longer divert possible transactions.

The Future of Money and Pick Up Tix

To illustrate how new interactive media can make markets more fruitful, we've enclosed Howard Rheingold's new article on "The Internet and the Future of Money" as well as our "Pick Up Tix" proposal, by which tickets for upcoming events--tickets that will lose all value if not sold before showtime--could be exchanged for volunteer work, to everyone's benefit.

By opening a space where free, informed exchanges can take place, these programs help create community capital--lasting value for everyone to enjoy. Take a look, and feel free to contact us by email at if you'd like more information. Thank you for your attention.