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'No Sweat' online vending:

MicroMoney helps you collect money for the online content you create. You don't need to write any scripts or run your own server, and your customers don't need to leave their homes or compromise their privacy to find your work. We translate demand for your content into a paycheck for you--it's that simple.

Peace of mind:

Your content is safe with us. At no time will your work (or potential customers' names) be exposed to online bandits or unscrupulous surfers. Your proceeds will be calculated and mailed to you immediately upon your request.

How MicroMoney works:

  1. Once you register with us, we send you some code to cut and paste into your content documents.

  2. When customers, having seen a thumbnail or a description, decide to buy your work, they simply click on the MicroMoney payment icon and our secure servers will debit their accounts and credit yours. Customers may choose to purchase a MicroMoney farecard to maintain their anonymity.

  3. Your work is immediately delivered by email? to paying customers.

Signing up is easy.

All we need is your name and the address where you would like to receive payment.

First name: Last name:
Street address:
City: ZIP or Postal code:
U.S. State: Country:

By registering, you agree to the following terms:

  • MicroMoney does not screen content. You, as vendor, are responsible for your own content, and assume any legal or regulatory consequences of sales credited to you by MicroMoney.

  • MicroMoney assumes responsibility for timely and accurate delivery of your work to customers.

  • other terms???

Any questions?

Contact us via e-mail,
call us at 415.###.####,
or write us at
City, CA 9#####

if you'd like more information.

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