yet another business plan outline (from netSyndicate):

I. Executive Summary
A. Summary of Business and Business Model

II. The Company
a. mission
b. nature of the business
c. company overview
d. business strategy
e. uniqueness and value proposition
f. revenue model
g. web site and technology
h. strategic partnerships
i. intellectual property
j. risks

iii. management
a. ceo
b. marketing
c. support
d. admin

iv. market analysis
a. new trends in publishing
b. market description: on-demand publishing
c. opportunity and risk

v. products and services
a. strategy
b. description(s)
1. basic contract w/ authors
c. 3rd party products?
d. consulting services
e. product sponsorships
f. (other revenue sources?)
g. future products and services?

vi. competitive analysis
a. overview
b. competition
c. barriers to entry

vii. marketing and sales
a. market positioning
b. syndication strategy
c. brand strategy
d. sales strategy
e. sales cycle
f. pricing strategy
g. media plan and communications
h. distribution

viii. finance
a. financial overview
b. proposed financing
c. principal shareholders
d. incentive program
e. remuneration
f. use of proceeds
g. exit strategy

a. financial statements
b. sample promotional materials