i. executive summary
a. summary of business and business model
the business model is much simpler than traditional publishing contracts. authors write books, bring us the finished edited manuscript and order a certain number of books; we print, collate, bind it and send it back.

ii. the company
a. mission
basically, our goal is to transform publishing, empower authors, decentralize print production...

commitment to customer satisfaction

b. nature of the business
c. company overview
d. business strategy
e. uniqueness and value proposition
f. revenue model
g. web site and technology
h. strategic partnerships
i. intellectual property
brand name/ trademark/ service mark
supported by IP legal firm:

j. risks
risk: misjudge demand for this service, our ability to provide it, target market segment's ability/willingness to pay for it?

iii. management
a. management structure
b. c.e.o.
c. team member 2
d. team member 3

iv. market analysis
a. new trends in publishing

desktop publishing

b. market description: on-demand publishing
no one's really doing this yet.
c. opportunity
opportunity: reach an un(der)served segment of authors

v. products and services
a. strategy
b. description(s)
1. basic contract w/ authors
d. (other revenue sources?)
e. future products and services?

vi. competitive analysis
a. overview
b. competition
other possibilities: not publishing; mainstream publishing; self-publishing
c. barriers to entry
not many: all you need is...

hardware + software


vii. marketing and sales
a. market positioning
b. publishing strategy
c. brand strategy
d. sales strategy
identifying target markets

researching the needs & behaviors of those segments

meeting those needs

e. sales cycle
f. pricing strategy
pricing based on cost of hardware, software, paper, binding materials, office space, shipping, and labor.

we believe the market will bear up to ____/page price based on...

simple pricing schedule--based on pages (and possibly different per-page rates for different numbers of books)?

g. media plan and communications
  • traditional p.r.
  • online
  • guerrilla
  • via partners?
h. distribution

viii. finance
a. financial overview
initial capital:

other assets:


b. proposed financing
c. principal shareholders
d. incentive program
e. remuneration
f. use of proceeds
g. exit strategy

a. financial statements
b. sample promotional materials